Begin at Dupont Underground

Solas Nua, in association with Dupont Underground, will be hosting ‘Sights and Sounds of Ireland Today’ from the 16th-18th of March.

The exhibition, curated by Jackie Hoysted, aims to highlight contemporary video artists in Ireland today with their experimental and abstract works. It will be the first Irish visual art exhibit of its kind in Washington DC.

Begin will be there as one of the 15+ films at the event, which also includes videos from over 20 artists. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the great visual pieces in this exceptional space.

The link for ticket information is below.

Dupont Underground is a 15,000 square foot art space reclaimed from a former DC trolley station which ran from 1949 to 1962. It also served as a fallout shelter in the late 60’s. Today, revamped and revitalized, it serves as one of the most unique art spaces in the United States.

Find more information on Solas Nua here.

For more details visit Dupont Underground here.

For tickets visit Ticketfly here.

Dupont Underground
Begin Alpherat Films
Begin | Alpherat Films

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