Begin (2017) | Short Film | [2:36]


Somewhere, something sparks…

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It is with great pride that Alpherat Films marks its 5th birthday with the beginning of its journey in film.  For years, cryptic posts across several social media platforms have read “It’s in the works”, “Coming Soon…”, “Silently Approaching…” and “Still Cooking”…  Now the coyness can stop. The experience can start. Time will take time, but it eventually comes around

Time will take time, but it eventually comes around.

‘Begin’ is a short abstract narrative concerning the theme of birth and beginnings. As fast as they may seem, they sometimes take eons. Birth and rebirth are more than physical, it is a cycle of the soul.

More projects will follow in the coming months and years. Alpherat Films endeavors to always keep a fresh eye on culture and the arts and reflect that nature in our documentaries and short films.

Alpherat Films was set up to facilitate documentaries, short narratives, and art-house films; While also being open to the potential of photography, writings, and other art forms. The main platforms to find all future works will be at the Alpherat Films website – or alternatively; on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and updates via Facebook and Twitter. (See A.F. Social page)


Written/Directed/Filmed/Edited  by Seán Wrenn

‘Last 31’ & ‘D125’  by Tri-Tachyon

‘Into The Sun’ by Shinshi



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