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|Mood| is a new and ongoing series of shorts based on emotions, ideas, places and times. The concept for this series was to take an everyday moment or memory and apply an abstract lens to the feeling it presented.

Featuring footage from many years over the last decade or so, this series has become a retrospective dive into my own life, and in some cases, there are times that would have been forgotten if not for the camera being present. In its own right, |Mood| has become a form of digital therapy in that respect. A discovery made purely by accident.

Each installment is more of a self-contained narrative than an overarching saga – relating more to a sense than a story. All of the episodes will be under a minute in duration and are abstract in nature.

Since early November of 2018, the idea has been moving along nicely. The lack of a deadline can sound off-putting, as procrastination is usually the enemy of result, but the eagerness to create in such solid bursts outweighs any lull in output. It becomes either an opportunistic moment to work or a pensive period where an edit is mentally proposed for later trial and error.


New installments of |Mood| will continue to release at random intervals, and |Mood|#1-10 will be made available in the near future as a “block of episodes” via Alpherat Films. The individual episodes are being posted across Twitter and Instagram, however, the real goal is to create an uninterrupted long-form experience for the Alpherat Films catalog.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tracklist used in #1-10 you can find info here.

In the meantime, here is |Moodboard| is a visual compilation of the series in a condensed format, allowing for a different perspective on the original concept of |Mood|.

|Moodboard|#1 via YouTube | Vimeo

|Moodboard| will slowly become its own series as a companion piece to |Mood|.


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